Boom Blox

July 11, 2008

Got a copy of Boom Blox for the Wii for my birthday. So far, it seems to be worth the high ratings it’s gotten. There are various kinds of games where you pull out, knock down, or blow up blocks in order to get points – think Jenga meets Die Hard. So far I’ve found two-player simultaneous and four-player turn-based modes.

The controls feel very natural – it feels like you’re actually throwing and grabbing, and couldn’t be done on anything but the Wii. The physics are fairly tight – force, angle, and weight all play a factor, and high stacks of blocks even bounce a bit, as though they have a little elasticity. There’s a surprising amount of strategy involved in figuring out how to use your turn to get the most points or prevent your oppents from getting points. And knocking around the little block animals has a twistedly funny feel reminiscient of Raving Rabbids – although they’re literally more on the periphery.