IE6 JavaScript error: “Expected identifier, string, or number”

May 20, 2009

Note to self: if your code works in FF, but ¬†you get the “Expected identifier, string, or number” error in IE6, this is probably caused by having a list with a comma after the last item. Remove the extraneous comma, and it should work.

News Flash: IE getElementById Invaded By Form Field Names!

October 17, 2008

If document.getElementById() isn’t returning the results in IE that you expect, checkand see if you have any form fields with that name. It seems like IE returns them from getElementById() – even if you manually give them an ID different from the name, that doesn’t conflict! Your only hope seems to be renaming the element you need to select, so that it doesn’t have the same name as any of your form fields.

IE6 setAttribute “onclick” not working

October 16, 2008

OK, I don’t have time to fully test this one, but when I dynamically create DOM nodes in a YUI panel, and then create an anchor tag and add an onclick handler to it (no HREF) by using setAttribute, IE6 doesn’t register the click event. It seems that I need to use another event attaching method, like YUI Event addListener() – that works fine in both IE and FF.

IE6 :hover Support

October 16, 2008

IE6 does not support :hover pseudo-classes on non-anchor elements. Ugh.

There are a few fixes out there. This one uses prototype. I was able to translate it to use YUI Event and Dom pretty easily. Wish I had an open-source agreement with my employer so I could show it here.