PushMail Settings for Google Voice

December 4, 2009

I use PushMail to get push notifications of e-mail on my iPhone. And because I have Google Voice send all my SMS and voicemails to my e-mail address, I get notified of those too. Here are some PushMail Custom Profiles that make it an even better experience:

Custom Profile 1 – Text Messages

  • Pattern: voice.google.com
  • Sound: SMS Received
  • Action: URL: http://voice.google.com
  • Notification Format: From, Body

Custom Profile 2 – Voicemails

  • Pattern: voice-noreply@google.com
  • Sound: Ping (default)
  • Action: URL: http://voice.google.com
  • Notification Format: Subject

My iPhone Setup

October 10, 2009

I just finally activated my Google Voice account today. I’m pretty happy with the setup right now. The bottom line is:

  • I get a notification on my iPhone for all e-mails, voicemails (transcribed), text messages (free), IMs, and twitter replies and DMs
  • I can e-mail, text message, IM, or tweet back from the iPhone

Here’s the setup:

  • My personal e-mail address is a POP account with my ISP. I have it set up to forward to my gmail account, so I get IMAP support. But I also have a backup of the e-mails stored locally in case something goes wrong with gmail.
  • My Google Voice account is set up to transcribe voicemails, and then send voicemail transcriptions and text messages to my gmail account. Gmail is set to filter these messages and automatically put them in a VM or SMS folder.
  • My gmail account forwards all e-mails to my PushMail e-mail account – this is an iPhone app that will show push notifications on my iPhone with sender/subject/title/body etc. By contrast, using the iPhone mail app to do push only buzzes and updates the app’s icon – it doesn’t show a notification with the contents.
  • Meanwhile, I use IM+ as an iPhone IM client. It supports most IM services, and also does push notifications when receiving IMs.
  • I use Tweetie 2 as my iPhone twitter client. It’s great, but unfortunately it doesn’t support global push notifications for all mentions and DMs. So, instead, I use IM+’s Twitter push support – IM+ notifies me when I receive a mention or DM, and then I read/reply in Tweetie.