Fallout 3 – Get All Achievements in One Playthrough

April 18, 2009

I just finished Fallout 3, and I’m starting a second playthrough in order to get some achievements I couldn’t get the first time. If you want to get them all in one playthrough, here are a few tips:

  • Disarm the megaton bomb, so that you have a house right away to store stuff in
  • Look up the list of custom weapons, and as you find components, store enough of them in your house to make all the weapons. Don’t make any of the weapons yet, as it can be hard to keep track of which you make and which you find. Wait until you have the all the components and all the schematics.
  • Look up the list of bobbleheads, and make sure you get them all as you go. Note that two of them are irretrievable after a certain point in the game, so it’s best to get them ASAP: medicine and energy weapons.
  • Keep your karma neutral. Each time you reach one of the level milestones that gets you an achievement, save before you get the level, then level up. Then load the save, get a positive karma, and level up again. Do the same with negative karma. This will get you all three achievements, one for each karma level. Keeping a neutral karma shouldn’t be too difficult: the butler in your megaton house will give you purified water, which you can give to the beggar outside to gain karma. And you can always steal things to lose karma.

Boom Blox

July 11, 2008

Got a copy of Boom Blox for the Wii for my birthday. So far, it seems to be worth the high ratings it’s gotten. There are various kinds of games where you pull out, knock down, or blow up blocks in order to get points – think Jenga meets Die Hard. So far I’ve found two-player simultaneous and four-player turn-based modes.

The controls feel very natural – it feels like you’re actually throwing and grabbing, and couldn’t be done on anything but the Wii. The physics are fairly tight – force, angle, and weight all play a factor, and high stacks of blocks even bounce a bit, as though they have a little elasticity. There’s a surprising amount of strategy involved in figuring out how to use your turn to get the most points or prevent your oppents from getting points. And knocking around the little block animals has a twistedly funny feel reminiscient of Raving Rabbids – although they’re literally more on the periphery.