IE6 setAttribute “onclick” not working

October 16, 2008

OK, I don’t have time to fully test this one, but when I dynamically create DOM nodes in a YUI panel, and then create an anchor tag and add an onclick handler to it (no HREF) by using setAttribute, IE6 doesn’t register the click event. It seems that I need to use another event attaching method, like YUI Event addListener() – that works fine in both IE and FF.

BB’s Rock Band Tuesdays

July 15, 2008

Went to BB’s for lunch after church on Sunday for the first time. I wasn’t hungry, so I can’t say anything about the quality of the food one way or the other. But I noticed that they had a Rock Band drumset in the corner. When I asked about it, it turns out that they have a Rock Band night every Tuesday. I assumed it would be busy and difficult to get to play a song, so I asked as much. The guy responded that they had just started it, and that it was pretty slow so far – people seemed shy to try it.

This, of course, is all the invitation I need. When the Man vs. Wild series ends in August, I expect that I will be hitting this up at least occasionally, if not regularly =] Who’s with me??