A North Point Ministries Joke

March 2, 2011

Two North Point Ministries staff members, Fred and John, were getting ready for Christmas. Fred had a closet full of presents, and John came over to help him set them out. When John opened the closet, the presents fell on him, pinning him to the ground.

“What do you have in here, anyway?” John asked. “They’re too heavy–I can’t get up!”

Fred replied, “I’m trying to get them off of you, but they’re too heavy for me to lift either!”

John said, “There’s only one option. You’re just going to have to leverage your gifts!”

Martin Luther’s humor

March 24, 2009

Martin Luther is hilarious. Check out this quote from On the Bondage of the Will. He’s talking about the inherent contradictions in the Sophists’ view of free will, and imagines a conversation in which he repeats back to them their own view:

“Suppose a Sophist of the best type were given me, with whom I could talk these things over privately in informal discussion, I should ask for his candid and unbiased judgment like this: “If anyone should tell you that a thing was free, which of its own power could go only one way, that is, the bad way–it could indeed go the other way, that is, the good way, but not by its own power, only with the help of another–could you refrain from laughing, my friend?” For on these grounds I shall easily establish that a stone or a log has ‘free-will’, because it can go up and down; though by its own power it can only go down, and can go up only with the help of another!”

Don’t Waste Your Life on Your iPhone

October 16, 2008

John Piper is one of my favorite pastors and authors, but one who’s known for not trying to be particularly polite. He wrote a book called Don’t Waste Your Life, talking about God’s purpose for your life, and how so many things can distract us from it. One of the examples he frequently cites is computers and technology.

Today, on Piper’s blog RSS feed, I saw the following headline:

Don’t Waste Your Life on Your iPhone

Immediately I got convicted. Is my latest technology interest really keeping me from God’s purpose for my life? Am I wasting my life on Steve Jobs’ latest gadget?

Then I read the post:

The full text of Don’t Waste Your Life is now available online for free in a format optimized for the iPhone.

Oh. Right. I guess Piper wasn’t calling me out after all. Maybe it was just the Holy Spirit.


August 13, 2008

Found on a random programming discussion board:

And frankly said, I don’t begrudge [sp?] any penny to a programmer who manages to correctly parse and decode any incarnation of the proprietary, badly (if at all) documented Word formats.

And *I* don’t begrudge any penny to a person who manages to correctly parse and decode any incarnation of that badly (if at all) written sentence. Seriously, dude, this is English, not Lisp. I read 18th century theology books, and *I* had trouble with that one.

GIMP Image Editor Fails at Fixed-Ratio

July 25, 2008
GIMP Image Editor Fails at Fixed Ratio

GIMP Image Editor Fails at Fixed Ratio

Coffee Frog

July 25, 2008

One of my all-time favorites:

Coffee frog recommends the biscotti

Coffee frog recommends the biscotti


July 24, 2008
Ruh Roh

Ruh Roh