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  1. Would you consider Gal 2:17 in your NT study of whether Christians ought to call themselves sinners.

    Paul is saying that if we are found sinners we’re making Christ a minister of sin.

    Many professing Christians confess they are, being taught by their pastors and many others.

    Believers who understand the Bible should see themseves as washed by jesus’precios blood and are holy,spotless,without wrinkle as they continue in his
    love (obeying His commands) and therefore ready anytime He comes for them.

    Sadly, some are taught to believe they are still sinners and are powerless against the bondage of sin and are not ready for His coming.

    To deliver us from the penalty and the power of sin,
    Jesus was crucified,died,was buried and rose agaain.
    This is the gospel. He did it not for Himself being sinless but for us who were once sinners.

    To apropriate for us what He did we must believe that when He was crucified, we were crucified,when He died
    we died, when He was buried we were buried with him and when He arose we rose with Hin in the newness of life.Romans 6..

    We can say with Paul. I am crucified with Christ,nevertheless I live, yet not I but Christ liveth in me..(Gal2: 20)

    John 8:34 Jesus said,He that commits sin is aservant of sin ( a sinner).The new man who rose with Christ from the dead is aservant of righteousness not sin ( which John mentions in 1Jo 1:8).

    The just shall live by faith.By faith we as believers
    identify ourselves with what Jesus did on the cross.Now having been raised in the newness of life,
    every moment we should use our eyes,hands,minds and our entire body to do things righteously.Of course by His Spirit that He gave us.(Rom.8:11)

    His love now shed abroad in our hearts should motivate how we walk each moment.Sin though still allowed by God in this body has lost its power to the believer who is yeilded to the Spirit of God.

    In summary,a believer who continue to abide in Jesus is not anymore a sinner but a saint (sanctified by the Blood),righteous (justified by faith),holy(living free from the bondage of sin0,spotless (purge from an evil conscience),a vessel ready for the Master’s use and ready for His soon coming withe clouds of glory.

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