Square Enix RPGs for iOS, Ranked

February 11, 2012

(Updated 6/9/2012 with Chaos Rings II)

I just finished Final Fantasy II for iOS, so I thought I’d rank all the Square Enix RPGs for iOS that I’ve played (although iOS wasn’t necessarily the platform I’ve played each of them on). Here they are, best first:


  1. Chrono Trigger: It’s a toss-up as to whether this or Final Fantasy VI is my favorite SNES game. Amazing storyline and characters, great battle system, lots of optional quests.
  2. Chaos Rings II: Lots of improvements on the original to give it more depth.
  3. Chaos Rings: The iOS-original turn-based RPG. Great graphics, good story, battle system with a unique spin.
  4. Final Fantasy III: An OK FF game, but the jobs system gives you unique options. This 3D remake looks great. Story is just OK.
  5. Chaos Rings Ω: I ranked this below FF3 because it feels like an expansion pack of the original Chaos Rings. Not nearly as long, unless you count the optional non-story-driven content. Not worth the money.
  6. Final Fantasy 2: Not my favorite FF game. The leveling system is interesting, but there’s not much uniquely fun about it: the battle system and story are fairly straightforward.

(Note: I haven’t yet played the original Final Fantasy on any platform.)