Getting Quake II GWT Working on the Mac–Updated

Last year I posted about a port of Quake II to HTML5, to run in the browser. I’ve been keeping up with the minor enhancements to the project since then, so I figured I’d update my instructions for how to get it running on your Mac. It turns out that it no longer runs in Safari, even in the WebKit Nightly–but it does run in public release Firefox and Chrome.

  1. Install MacPorts and then run
    sudo port install vorbis-tools
    sudo port install lame
  2. Install Mercurial version control client
  3. Install the Apache Antbuild tool
  4. Check out the code
    hg clone quake2-gwt-port
  5. Build and run the server. It will take a while to build the first time, but will start up quickly from there on out.
    cd quake2-gwt-port
    ant run
  6. Start Firefox or Chrome and navigate to http://localhost:8080/GwtQuake.html. You should see a console.

If you have any problems, I can’t help you, so check the comments on these pages:

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