Essential iPad Apps–October 2011

Another friend of mine just got an iPad, so I figured it was time to update my list of essential iPad apps. If you have an others to recommend, leave a comment and I might try it out and add it to the list!

  • AppShopper [FREE]–lets you put apps on a wish list and alerts you when they go on sale. Great way to save money. It’s also the easiest way to e-mail or tweet links to apps.
  • Flipboard [FREE]–presents your Facebook, Twitter, and Google Reader content like a magazine, making it very fun to browse and read.
  • iBooks [FREE]–the best-looking and most fun to use ebook reader out there.
  • YouVersion [FREE]–has more free downloadable Bible translations than any other app, with every reading plan imaginable. Allows you to share notes publicly and follow others.
  • DropBox [FREE]–the easiest free way to sync documents between multiple computers and mobile devices. Syncs a designated folder automatically, so it’s literally zero steps to transfer files.
  • The Weather Channel for iPad [FREE]–the most extensive weather app.
  • Wikipanion [FREE]–iPad app for browsing Wikipedia and other MediaWiki wikis. If you use a Wikia wiki for video games or TV shows, it’s a must-have.
  • Facebook [FREE]–just released yesterday as of this writing. Smoother and more reliable than third-party Facebook clients.
  • Twitter [FREE]–again, more reliable than third-party Twitter clients, and has a nice column view.
  • Pandora [FREE]–listen to free personalized streaming music
  • Flixster [FREE]–my favorite app for movie showtimes and tickets
  • Helsing’s Fire Lite [FREE]–my favorite puzzle game on the iPad, with a very innovative light dynamic. The lite version only has iPhone graphics, but there is an HD paid version.
  • GoodReader [$4.99]–if you only buy one iPad app, buy this one. Full file system, viewing of PDF, image, and Office documents, access to FTP and DropBox servers. Essential for file management.
  • TypeLink [FREE or $5/yr]–obligatory plug for my app. Take notes and organize them using hyperlinks. Access your data on any device or on the web. Free for a basic account, $5/yr for an unlimited account.

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