Set Up a Subversion Server For Free in Zero Steps

Want a Subversion server? Your options usually boil down to:

  1. Pay for an expensive hosted solution.
  2. Use an unreliable or crippled free hosted solution.
  3. Wait for your IT department to set one up for you.
  4. Slog through setting one up yourself.

Maybe setting up a Subversion server is easy if you’re a Linux expert, but, if you’re anything like me, there are a million things that can go wrong in the configs, and no online guide gets all the instructions right.

Well, as of now there’s a better solution. I’m posting a virtual machine image that has a working Subversion installation, tied to Apache. Download it, start it, and you’ve got a Subversion server!

It’s a VirtualBox image running Fedora 14. It includes a README file with instructions on how to start and access svn, and add new users. Download it here:

Unfortunately, I can’t provide any support for this image (I just cobbled it together myself). But I hope it’s helpful!

3 Responses to Set Up a Subversion Server For Free in Zero Steps

  1. Hi
    like you advice but
    no budget
    need reliable
    I am the IT department
    12 hours of slogging so far

    and your link is broke to the virtualbox image, I could use a lift right now any chance of a download?

  2. Josh Justice says:

    Fixed now, give it another try. Thanks.

  3. Got a download, sadly some incompatibility somewhere it stops with a kernel panic. I upgraded to very latest Virtualbox 4.1.4 r74291 but no improvement.

    Happy to have another go later – appreciate you don’t do support.

    I got my server working on ssh so urgency gone


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