My Current iPhone App List

In approximate order of how often I use them, or how useful I find them.


  • PushMail – push notifications of e-mails, including preview text (great for getting free instant notifications of Google Voice SMS and voicemails, instead of using SMS)
  • Tweetie – twitter
  • Outliner – outlines, especially hierarchical to-do lists
  • IM+ – instant messaging
  • GPS Drive – cheap GPS program with some improvements over Google Maps
  • Wedding Day – now, how long we’ve been married =]


  • Files lite – reading text files, such as videogame walkthroughs (it saves your place!)
  • AudioMemos Free – voice memos (better UI than Apple’s Voice Memos app)
  • ICHC – funny images
  • NetNewsWire – Google Reader / RSS
  • The Weather Channel – detailed weather forecasts and radar
  • Logos – free ESV, NASB, NKJV Bible – plus Greek morphology!
  • Pandora – customized streaming music stations
  • Pollen Lite – pollen forecast
  • Loopt – for tweeting my current location
  • iTweetSong – tweeting the song/podcast I’m currently listening to
  • Flixster – movie showtimes
  • Fandango – buy movie tickets (but smaller list of theatres and worse UI than Flixster)
  • Shazam – recognize a song playing on the radio
  • PS Mobile – simple photo manipulation
  • WhitePages – look up a person’s address
  • PhoneFlicks – view/update my Netflix queue
  • ESPN ScoreCenter – for my wife to look up Broncos scores
  • Dictionary
  • eBay
  • Facebook
  • Wikipedia

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