We’re engaged!

Jen and I are engaged! Here’s the description of the engagement that she e-mailed out:

That’s right. Last night, Joshua Justice asked me to marry him! And I said yes! =D I had suspected it might be the night because he had told me Saturday night would be a “surprise,” and I knew he already had the ring, ha. He told me later that he couldn’t lie to me, and I figure that’s probably a good thing. 😉


After a fun busy day looking at wedding venues (yes, we’re unconventional and have been discussing wedding plans pre-engagement), he started driving me to our secret destination. I actually had my own theories of what he had planned but quickly found I was completely wrong when he started driving me west on 285 from Kennesaw and past Cumberland Mall–a direction we never go. So that was exciting. =)


Eventually we arrived at a house in a neighborhood that looked vaguely familiar. We had been to our friend Lauren’s house one time before to practice swing dancing with some friends because she has hard wood floors that are perfect for such things. Josh left me in the car for a few minutes while he readied some things inside, and I got rather excited and nervous waiting there. =) When he brought me inside, I saw that it was in fact Lauren’s house and there were candles lit everywhere, and there were chocolate and cheese fondue pots set out on the table with bread and vegetables and fruit. It was lovely. =)


So we enjoyed these delights with a glass of Moscato wine (one of the few I have found I enjoy, ha). And then there was dancing. Josh had found new songs just for the occasion, which was very sweet. There was charleston and lindy and a few waltzes because he knows how I love to waltz. =) And then he told me that he had a poem he had written for me, a sonnet actually. He pulled out this scroll tied in purple ribbon–my ring was attached at the top but I wasn’t allowed to see that until later ;-). And he read to me the most beautiful words. It’s kind of funny—because I had to pay close attention to follow the meaning of the sonnet (you know how poems can be), I followed and remembered what he said through it much more than what he said after the poem. I was worried that I wouldn’t remember a single word, so that is one of many reasons I am glad of that sonnet. The last line of the poem asked if I would be his wife. And Josh got down on one knee, and he said those many other things that I cannot remember so well, and he asked me if I would marry him, and I said, “Yes, of course I will!” =)


I knew within a month of knowing Josh Justice that I could and would marry this man if he asked, but learning of him these past 5 months, I am astounded, humbled, and overjoyed by God’s abundant goodness and loving-kindness toward me in giving me such a gift, such a loving, kind, sincere, and passionate man to spend the rest of my life with.


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