Maoists Strain Out Gnat, Swallow Camel

I couldn’t help but notice the juxtaposition about the following two articles about Nepal’s Maoist government today:

Why Maoists are taking a dim view of Miss Nepal contest – Would-be beauty queens in Nepal express their disappointment over the postponement of the Miss Nepal contest for the sixth time this year.

Maoists appoint ‘living goddess’ – Nepal’s Maoist-led government authorises a six-year-old girl to be a “living goddess” in a town near Kathmandu.

One of the reasons for postponing the beauty contest is that it “demeans women.” On the flip side, I guess, technically, it’s not demeaning to a woman to be appointed a goddess. But it’s not like she was chosen for her “great personality:” the article says one of the requirements is to have “32 beautiful physical attributes.” Including “eyelashes like a cow.” Try that one on the little lady next time, guys.

One Response to Maoists Strain Out Gnat, Swallow Camel

  1. Matt says:

    I always thought you had eyelashes like a cow. I’m just sayin…

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