Branding or Typo? Part 1

This is the first in what’s likely to be a recurring category for Unintentional Genius – Branding or Typo? Creative names are a must for companies and products today, especially if you want to get a simple domain name. Changing the spelling of words is one way to do it. But some names make you wonder just how intentional the spelling change is…

Today’s winners:

  • Perficient – “experts in delivering business-driven technology solutions.” Not in spelling, though, apparently. I worked for them for a while, and now the word “proficient” actually sounds wrong to me. Dumbification complete.
  • Davisor Publishor – software to convert Word documents into PDFs. Maybe they should have checked with an “editer” before they picked this name. I’m not entirely sure that it’s not really a 1980’s robot.

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