Abolish the Run-On

From the Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty blog:

Yesterday Ron Paul endorsed Republican George Lilly, running in Colorado’s the 1st Congressional District, defeated Charles Crain for the right to take on six-term incumbent Denver Democrat Rep. Diana DeGette in the November general election.

If only Ron Paul’s minimalist views of government carried over into minimalist views of sentence structure. Amongst the violations: I’ve never seen a “the” used after a possessive before. It’s almost impossible to read the first clause without reading it as the main clause: “Ron Paul endorsed George Lilly.” That’s what happened, right? This probably could have been a whole paragraph. This is “the internets,” guys – we’re not killing trees here.


2 Responses to Abolish the Run-On

  1. walkndude says:

    what do you expect from inbred isralis?

  2. Josh Justice says:

    Your political insinuation escapes me. Also, what’s an “isralis”? You may want to inform Merriam-Webster, because they’ve never heard of it.

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