It’s Supposed to Stick

August 30, 2008

Joseph: Ever since Dave Thomas died, Wendy’s food quality has gone down the flusher.

Joel: Their advertising, too.

Kimberly: Now there’s just that cartoon girl.

Joseph: …”Wendy”?

The Road Less Travelled

August 29, 2008

Australian hikers following a trail in Papua New Guinea find the suspected remains of a WWII airman hanging in a tree.

Doesn’t a trail imply that people have walked on it? You know, like some time more recently than WWII?

The European Schedule

August 29, 2008

A conversation about scheduling lunch:

Ken: 12?
Josh (not me): sure
Ken: awesome
Josh: 10-4
Ken: um
Ken: i can’t do a 6 hour lunch ;-)
Josh: hah

Learn by Repetition

August 28, 2008

This one is courtesy of yours truly. I almost just typed:

I’ll configure the e-mail features to be configurable, so you can change a config file to configure them.

I think I’m suffering from Mountain Dew deprivation.

Mr. Hyde

August 28, 2008

Josh: the only sport i’m into is mario kart

Kelli: ha
not too into sports, are we?
i’m not really myself
really, myself
i am really myself

Noodle on This

August 25, 2008

North Korea has reportedly invented a noodle that delays hunger, amid UN warnings of possible famine.

If this isn’t good PR, I don’t know what is. Delays hunger? I always wished that my food would do that! …instead of…what food usually does…?

Apples and Oranges

August 25, 2008

Australia’s ‘Elvis of cricket’ – If Australians were asked to name a national hero, they may well refer to Sir Donald Bradman…cricket’s first superstar.

Let’s ignore for the moment the fact that this is another BBC non-headline.

The title “Elvis of cricket” seems to be unnecessarily crossing into different realms. I get that Elvis was famous. But are there no stars in other sports they could have used? I know less about sports than almost anyone, but come on…have the British never heard of Michael Jordan? Why not just throw all reason to the wind, and say “Bradman is the Ferrari of cricket”?

Update: I misspelled Michael Jordan at first. Hah! Unintentional genius!