Priority-Complexity Difference

I tend to re-invent the wheel. I’m sure someone has already done this – what do they call it?

I had to decide which features in an application that we should plan to cut in the case of schedule slips. So I ranked them all by complexity, using a 1-to-5 scale that I learned from someone with an agile methodology background.

Then I ranked them all by priority – how much the users want it. 1-to-5 scale again.

Then I took the difference between the two – you could call it the Priority-Complexity Difference (PCD). That gave me a number from -4 to 4. Positive numbers are high-priority and low-complexity – keep ’em in. Negative numbers are low-priority and high-complexity – take ’em out. They aren’t worth it.

(Who knows – maybe the same guy that taught me complexity ratings taught me this, too. If so, I don’t remember it.)


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