AMC Avenue Forsyth: One More Reason

If you live in Atlanta, you’ve already probably heard of AMC Avenue Forsyth, the brand new theater off of Highway 400 Exit 13 with all digital projectors. You’ve heard about the clarity of the image – no scratches or dust here! You’ve heard about the high-def picture. But now there’s one more reason to make the trek up to Cumming:

Have you ever been in a movie where you couldn’t hear the dialogue over the soundtrack? Ever wonder why the sound engineers mix it that way? It might not be the film studio’s fault. When I watched the Dark Knight at Avenue, I could hear the dialogue just fine. But when I watched it again at Regal Medlock, quieter dialogue was completely lost.

So you can probably get away with seeing the next Will Ferrell movie at any-old-theater, but for the good movies, it may be worth your while to take a longer drive.


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